Our Missionary







                                      Director of Mission Trips and Communications for Eglise Lutherienne d'Haiti.


Jorel is married and the father of four children. He is an accomplished musician leading several choirs in Haiti and accompanies Haitian hymns on the guitar and accordian.

Jorel grew up in the mountains of Haiti and was able to attend school because his pastor loaned his own shoes to him.  They would be returned each weekend so his pastor could conduct services.


Peace and blessings to you !

I pray that you and your family are doing all fine I take great pleasure to send you this message in other to wish you happy Easter! Please express my regards to your congregations I want to tell them that they are in my thoughts and prayers  at all time and I am still remember the worship services in which that I have participated while I was visiting them.


So far I might be in the states in the summertime for Guerline,  my wife's first trip to the states and her first time in a airplane we will be there for one month from 14th of July to 14th of August it is not gonna be an official trip for the ELH but at the same time it wouldn't be a problem for me to get to see you all if possible  since I do not consider you as my supporters but as my Family of faith .


However I might be back to the states for an official trip from ELH by the mid of November.  I don't know yet where I am gonna be as you know already Mother Kathie Winemiller is my boss she is the right person to contact I someone wants me for presentation or any more...


May the blessed hand of the Lord be upon you ...


Carte Jean Jorel



Joel Carte