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May’s Discipleship Tree is a focus on the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT!!
Do you know the 9 FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT? 
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness
and Self-Control
You know we all need a little more of each of these in our lives, don’t we?  Ok, maybe we need a lot more of one or two for sure!  How are the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT growing inside of you?  How are you sharing the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT with others? 
It is very easy to share some love, joy and peace with others...send a card, make a phone call, share a smile!
Maybe you need to practice your patience...waiting is NEVER easy!!  Spreading a little kindness goes a LOOOOONG way….hold open the door for someone,, say thank you!  Goodness is as simple as helping someone do goes hand in hand with many of the other FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.  Then there is in GOD FOR ALL THINGS!  What is weighing on your heart this day?  Trust in God and give it all over to Him!  Gentleness...sharing a kind word with a friend who is struggling them a hug during their difficult time is an easy way of sharing gentleness.  Finally, we even have to explain this one!?!  LOL!!  Don’t we all need some more of this in our lives?!?  Every day is challenging and we are faced with situations that might make us crazy, but practicing this FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT will instill in us patience, kindness, faithfulness, and so much more.  Our walk with the Lord on our discipleship journey is always changing and growing.  Our discipleship journey is never ending and every day we learn more and more of who we are and WHOSE  we are.  Brothers and  Sisters...YOU are a loved child of God called by the Holy Spirit to live in faith and to grow and share THE FRUITS OF THE SPRIIT!
Each week during the month of May you will be challenged to practice a different FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT…will you share the fruit you are encouraged to practice that week or will you set it aside and watch it turn old and begin to slowly rot away.  These FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT make your discipleship journey a little sweeter each day…just think of what they will do to another when you share your fruits with them! 

(May 5, 2021 Weekly Email)

Thank you members of HTLC!!!

On Wednesday, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Charlotte provided Police Appreciation Week treats for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. They provided Danish and coffee at breakfast time, box lunches accompanied by brownies and cookies at lunch time, and “cruiser kits” – bags of goodies they could take on the road with them. They also provided gift cards for food for the night shift folks who were not available at lunch time.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church/Facebook

Police Appreciation Week 1.jpg